Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My student life at Tsukuba by Hanae H.

              My student life at Tsukuba is great. I think that student life has two aspects; classes and a club. First, classes are interesting. I’m a member of the College of Humanities. I’m going to major in linguistics, so I take classes mainly about linguistics. I’m interested in Japanese, especially that of children. They acquire their own mother tongue in about a few years. It’s difficult for adults to acquire another language, but children can acquire one language without special effort. I think that is an interesting thing. This university has great libraries, so I want to make good use of them and read many books in order to learn. Second, I belong to the recorder ensemble club called blockflöte. “Blockflöte” means recorder in German. Anybody can play it easily, but it is actually a great musical instrument. The recorder has a long history from the baroque age. The club has 7 types of recorder. The smallest one can be put in a pocket, and the biggest one is over 160 cm tall. With these recorders, we play various tunes such as J-POP, classical, and baroque music. I want to try doing an arrangement of a tune and playing it with the club members. I enjoy my student life at Tsukuba, both in my class and in my club.

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  1. Hello, Hanae! I think your study is very interesting. What do you think about teaching Japanese abroad?


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